Pixology by Shray

Passion, ambition, & determination are characteristics I’ve learned from life experiences and that I find invaluable in my life.My passion will always be the driving force behind my endeavors. From the day I first held a camera to now, a lot has changed – but the spark from that day to now, feels just a fresh! My passion fuels my ambition. It dares me to be bold, to dream big, and to challenge the regular field of vision for something new and refreshing. However, having a strong sense of determination, which I learned to have over the years, is truly what fuses it all together.  It is undeniably the most important quality upon which Pixology is based. It has allowed my to cultivate my desire to strive for excellence in all things I take on. 
Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn from excellent, award winning photographers and filmmakers of the industry. I’ve had the privilege of shooting at the IIFA Awards, New York Fashion Week, concerts, and several other celebrity events. I’ve captured countless luxury weddings and destination weddings for couples, while also having experience in commercial cinematography and business branding. 
My experiences have allowed me to take what I’ve learned in abundance and to narrow my focus on refining my skills and delivering excellent, quality content to my clients. Having found my niche of bright, cultural, luxury wedding photography and cinematography  and commercial/business cinematography, I have worked on further enhancing those skills, improving management as a company, and overall delivering an unforgettable experience. 
While we know it may be hard to find the right fit, to tell your beautiful love story, or to share your brand’s vision we believe in first listening and understanding your story, your brand, and then collaborating together to bring that to story or vision to life! At Pixology we believe that getting to know our clients is of utmost important – that combined with a foundation of passion, the right amount of ambition, and constant determination, we can be the perfect fit for you!
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